Locksmith Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just had a new door fitted and the company assured me I had anti-snap locks.
I don’t need a new lock do I?

This is our most frequently asked question! The majority of door companies are not fitting accredited anti-snap locks – NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU! Your euro cylinders need to be TS007 diamond accredited. The lock (where the key goes in) is 99.9% of the time the weakest point of the door unless you have the correct product installed- ideally the police approved Brisant Ultion cylinder (TS007 diamond rated) Call SheffLOCK on 0114 442600 now for a free assessment of your existing locks, the majority of the time we can do this over the phone if you prefer.

How can I tell if my locks are officially anti-snap/ high security?

True accredited locks have certain stamp marks on them that guarantee certain security tests have been passed. SheffLOCK are happy to attend your home for free and carry out these checks with you however a good starter point to carry out yourselves is that if your Euro cylinder does not display (where the key goes in) a diamond and 3 stars - you are vulnerable to the popular Lock snapping burglary method. As Ex-Police officers we are experts in crime prevention and are best placed to advise you of your current security and how to guarantee not being a victim of a large proportion of burglary methods.

I have a house alarm so a burglar won’t target my house will they?

It is true a house alarm is a good security measure to have in place and alerts you and/or person nearby enough to hear it. However it does not guarantee your home not being targeted and cannot stop criminals entering your home. A burglar does not intend to remain in your house for a long period of time and usually targets homes when occupants aren’t in as they know that burgling an unoccupied house lessens the chance of being seen/ caught and if caught, results in a lesser sentence at court.

I have a dog and don’t need any additional security.

The same scenario applies really as the house burglary query above. In addition. the sad reality is that Burglars do not care overly about dogs unless they are particularly viscous as they come prepared with treats (sometimes drugged) and are also prepared to assault animals if confronted.

How do I confirm your police contracted membership?

Please click the following link SheffLOCK SBD Membership and/or contact your local police via the contacts listed via this link (Link to new page with above links listed).