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How locks are snapped

Snapping a standard euro lock

This video shows how quick entry is gained when snapping a Standard Euro lock. A standard lock has no accredited markings visible where the key goes in. Be ready to be Shocked!

Do not worry!

Lock snapping can be 100% prevented with the ULTION from SheffLOCK

Its quick and easy to self assess your current locks accreditation by following our short simple guide on approved locks.

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Don't just take our word for it...

A clip from Crimewatch a few years ago. Even then, the police were advising people to upgrade locks to the required 3 star euro cylinders. The reality is if you have standard euro locks YOU ARE VULNERABLE to being burgled, at the very most in 45 seconds!

Laminate Security Glass

Laminate glass is essentially the same glass used in car windscreens and is designed to stay together upon impact and not shatter making this product an excellent and essential security product.

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